The Wikileaks/BSD connection

I was amused to discover the connection between Wikileaks and BSD.

Apparently Julian Assange hung around the BSD community up until ten years ago, and has a few entries in the NetBSD fortune files.  (Search for Julian Assange in the file, or just click on the next link for the best ones.)    He lived in the house where Greg Lehey grew up, although many years after Greg had moved on.  Greg was interviewed for a story in the Australian news. They botched it.

If you think about it, you’d realize the connection must go deeper than that.  We all know about Osama bin Lehey.  Apparently the house where Greg was raised has that effect on people.  I do believe that Lovecraft wrote a story about that… and it will bug me until I can remember which story that was.

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  1. Julian Assange also wrote strobe, one of the best tcp scanners (fast & reliable) available.

    Strobe is available from

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