another brush with glory

One of my friends, SF writer Colin Harvey, just had his second mass market paperback hit the shelves.  Damage Time is a post-peak-oil police novel set in New York City.  The chilling bit is how he successfully combines the ideas of memory extraction with social networking.  And murder, of course.  (Where you have police, you get murder. Without police, people just get killed.)

If you look in the acknowledgments, you’ll find the line “and Michael Lucas hunted cliches relentlessly…”  That’s me.  I’ve got my name on another book!  Well, okay, in another book.  Close enough.  Sort of.  And apparently I’m relentless, too.  Maybe that’ll encourage me to get out of bed in the morning.

If you read SF, I highly recommend Damage Time.  Exciting, gritty, stolen memories, appalling and believable.