I must credit Walmart

It’s very important to encourage people and organizations when they do something correct. Even when it’s an organization you don’t care for. I never thought I’d one day be compelled to say something nice about Wal-Mart.

But, as they say: here we are.

Walmart is implementing their ebookstore. It’s powered by Kobo, one of my very favorite ebook retailers.

Here’s the Walmart catalog entry for Ed Mastery as of today.

Ed Mastery entry at walmart

It’s categorized as “Books/Computers & Technology Books/System Administration/Linux & UNIX Administration” – all sensible, and what I entered.

Now here’s the catalog entry for the Manly McManface edition of Ed Mastery. I entered its category as “Books/Computers & Technology Books/System Administration/Linux & UNIX Administration.”

walmart catalog for ed mastery manly mcmanface

Walmart has it filed under Books/Computers & Technology Books/Security/Viruses & Malware.

I’m not sure, but I think Walmart… has started trolling MRAs?

3 Replies to “I must credit Walmart”

  1. The book is going viral… good call by Walmart. 🙂

    Seriously, the Walmart eCommerce folks are largely sequestered away in Silly Valley.
    They defy the pejorative “Walmart employee” stereotypes in a big way.

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