“Absolute FreeBSD 3rd ed” Auction ends SOON

In a few hours, the auction to get your name in the third edition of Absolute FreeBSD will close.

Right now, the winning bid is at $605.

Feel free to bid or not, as you wish. I do have to say, though:

The auction I just did to Tuckerize someone in a small OpenBSD book went for $1300. Absolute FreeBSD is a bigger book, and will have wider distribution.

If the AF3e auction goes for less than that, I’ll be forced to conclude that FreeBSD folks have less team spirit than the OpenBSD ones. The OpenBSD folks will get bragging rights.

But it’s entirely up to you. No pressure.

On an unrelated note: my novel git commit murder is available in ebook now. More stores will appear soon. It’s basically “If Agatha Christie ran a Unix con.”