Relayd and the Next Tech Book

Relayd and Httpd Mastery is off to Reyk for his comments and abuse. Once he gets it back to me I’ll solicit further tech reviewers. I want to have it out in ebook by the end of April, for Penguicon. (I’ve missed the window for print for Penguicon, sadly.)

This means I’ll be shutting down the ebook and print sponsorships opportunities this weekend. Move now if you want your name in the book.

What’s next? The agreement is in place, and everything else is out of the way, so I can say: I’m starting on a third edition of Absolute FreeBSD with No Starch Press. If you want details on how that’s going, I’ll be posting updates on Twitter with the #af3e hashtag. There’s already a few updates on that tag, but they’re all from other people who are being hopeful.

So, to all of you folks having a blast at AsiaBSDCon this weekend: sorry, I’m stuck at home, busily working to support FreeBSD while you’re having sushi and jet lag.

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