“PAM Mastery” tech reviewers wanted

My long-dreaded PAM book now exists as a complete first draft.

I’m sorry.

I’ve somehow persuaded Dag-Erling Smørgrav, author of OpenPAM, to do a technical review. DES knows PAM, to his eternal regret, but I really could use more people to review the manuscript before it hits print.

If you know PAM, and would be interested in pointing out my errors before the rest of the world gets a chance, drop me an email with the subject PAM review. Tell me your familiarity with PAM, so I know the context of your feedback.

I’d need any feedback by Monday, 8 August 2016. That’s about four weeks. Given that this book is longer than Tarsnap Mastery but shorter than DNSSEC Mastery, that should be enough time.

I should say, though: this is a book on PAM. It’s not on LDAP, or SSSD, or Kerberos. I cover several add-on PAM modules, but all in the context of illustrating and leveraging PAM.

With luck, the book will be available Septemberish.