BSDCan Intro Session Volunteers Wanted

A person’s first visit to a particular tech con can be overwhelming. BSDCan is now having an introductory session for new attendees, to try to ease them into the event. Somehow, I’m running it.

From 6-9 PM on Thursday night I’ll be in DMS 1160 to greet new BSDCan attendees and discuss how the conference runs with folks new to BSDCan.

I would really like someone from each of the BSD projects to help me ease new attendees into the con. Ideally I’d be able to say “Oh, you want FreeBSD? Let me introduce you to Fred, he’s a FreeBSD guy,” or OpenBSD, or whatever project they’re interested in.

This will be pretty informal. I plan to order carryout and hang out.

The event concludes at 9 PM, leaving time for a gelato run, of course.

In my mind, new attendees need to know about:

  • breakfast and lunch
  • harassment policy (Abusing other convention goers will really tick me off. And I’m on the BSDCan committee, so I take that seriously.)
  • Opening and closing sessions
  • The closing auction
  • Presumably, they’ve read the talks schedule before registering–but if not, we’ll have it.
  • BSDA testing–they’re probably not prepared to take it, but maybe next year?
  • evening open events, like the Royal Oak, the Hacker Lounge, and the FreeBSD Doc Sprint

Can you think of anything else I should add to this list?