“FreeBSD Mastery: Advanced ZFS” sponsor check

(I wrote sponsors an email with this information earlier, but email is not exactly reliable, so I’m posting it here as well.)

The good news: the book is almost here!

I’m greatly touched by how many people offered their support. The least I can do is verify that I’m spelling your name correctly.

Here’s the sponsor list, as well as my notes on any instructions you sent with your sponsorship. Please double-check that I:

  • used the desired name
  • spelled your name correctly (especially any non-US characters!)

I would appreciate a response, even if it’s “everything looks OK.”

If you have any additional requests, such as signing the book to someone other than yourself, this is the time to tell me.

The final ebooks should be in your account next week. Print books should ship the last week of the month, if everything goes well.

Thanks again, for everything.

One Reply to ““FreeBSD Mastery: Advanced ZFS” sponsor check”

  1. Michael,

    Everything looks OK
    I caught your interview on BSD now, informative and fun.
    I appreciate the time and energy you and Allan put into the ZFS books.

    Thank you

    Gregory Ross

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