New novel in print and ebook: Butterfly Stomp Waltz

Some of you have seen this on the mailing list, others on social media. I announce ebook availability to the mailing list and then on social media. Once a fiction book hits print and Amazon ties the two formats together, I blog it.

My new crime thriller novel, Butterfly Stomp Waltz, is out. It’s a modern crime thriller with guns and explosions and heists and all that fun stuff.

I got a message earlier today from a random reader.

So I bought your book and it’s SO GREAT! I’m hardly into it and am considering faking sick for the rest of the afternoon so that I can keep reading.

I’m still waiting for the butterfly stomping part. I hope it’s monarchs. Cocky bastards. Always flapping around and landing on flowers like they’re soooooo much better than everyone else.

Yet another life goal for me: a review that says “I used a sick day to read this book.”