next talk: “FreeBSD Filesystem Fun” at March semibug

I’m slated to present at the next SemiBUG meeting.

By unpopular demand, I’ll offer “FreeBSD Filesystem Fun,” also known as “odd stuff I learned as I’ve written the FreeBSD storage books.” You’ll get content on UFS, ZFS, unionfs, various memory filesystems, and some of the really odd corners I discovered while writing the book. Warning: will contain actual math and ZFS tuning know-how.

15 March. 7 PM. Altair Engineering!

To be followed by dining at Leo’s Coney Island right next door. (We’re flexible on dinner, but somehow it always turns out to be Leo’s.)

Future meetings of note include two special guests:

On 19 April, Tom Lawrence is coming to talk about pfSense.

And on 17 May, Isaac Levy is flying in from New York City to talk about FreeBSD jails. I’d really like to fill our space for this one, as Ike is both a great speaker and making a special flight exclusively for us. Knowing Ike, I suspect that the dinner afterwards will involve beer.

June will be a BSDCan trip report, and July, Josh Grosse on porting software to OpenBSD.

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