Sponsorships for “FreeBSD Mastery: Advanced ZFS”

I recently put up a post musing offering sponsorships for tech books. The reaction I got, both in blog comments and private email, was overwhelmingly positive.

And people are eagerly awaiting FreeBSD Mastery: Advanced ZFS, by Allan Jude and yours truly.

So, I’ve decided to try selling sponsorships for FM:AZ.

Ebook sponsors ($20) get their name in the ebook. Print sponsors ($100) get their name in both the print and electronic versions. Other books will have other pricing levels.

Some of the emails I got after that first post let me know that some people will happily pay a few dollars to get a link to their dodgy web site in a reputable location. For that reason, I won’t be linking to sponsors in the ebook. (As usual, it’s a handful of jackasses that ruin things for the rest of us.)

You should know that the money from the sponsorships goes entirely to me. Allan both a) has a steady paycheck, and b) is too generous for his own good. (It’s, like, blatantly obvious he’s Canadian.) I intend to buy his beer at BSDCan.

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