The Penguicon Lucas Tech Track

I submitted several tech events to Penguicon, our local tech/SF/maker/assorted random WTF convention.

They accepted six: five talks and one panel.

So if you’re in Detroit on the weekend of 29 April-1 May, come by and see me bloviate about:

  • PAM: You’re Doing It Wrong
  • the ZFS File System
  • Networking for Systems Administrators
  • Encrypted Backups with Tarsnap
  • BSD Operating Systems in 2016
  • Senior Sysadmin Panel

    The last one, the Senior Sysadmin Panel, should be a lot of fun. I’m looking for 3-4 more people to sit on that panel. I was a pro sysadmin for 20 years at a variety of organizations. Ideally, while I’m moderating the panel, I’d like to be the junior sysadmin on it. Let me know if you’ll be at Penguicon and interested.

    I’ve also expressed strong interest in being on the self-publishing panel, but I haven’t heard back on that yet. That’ll be on the lit track.

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