randi vs xmj

I’ve gotten a bunch of emails asking me for my opinion on the Randi – xmj FreeBSD issue.

Short short answer: I am withholding comment until we hear some kind of response from FreeBSD’s core team. Or until we don’t.

Short answer: This looks really bad for FreeBSD’s leaders and the Foundation.

If a volunteer project has a volunteer who is honestly so dysfunctional that he doesn’t understand why he is offensive, the project does not need him. And the volunteer needs to get help until he’s capable of behaving in a civilized manner.

edit: your hate mail may be posted. Provided I find it worthy of such treatment, at my sole discretion.

edit2: Moderating all comments on this post. Because I’m not interested in rehashing the arguments. Gamergaters are notoriously resistant to human decency.

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  1. Thanks for taking this seriously, Michael. I had heard a lot about Gamergate, even worked on the Wikipedia article for a bit, but didn’t realise the problem was having serious repercussions within the FreeBSD project.

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