Inaugural SemiBUG meeting notes

Last night was the first meeting, at the Hazel Park Raceway. Eleven people attended.

The next meeting will be at 7:00 PM, 1715 December 2015, at the Hazel Park Raceway.

The fourth floor of the HPR clubhouse was actually quite suitable for a user group meeting. HPR has horse races on Friday and Saturday night during spring and summer, but this time of year it relies on live videos of races in warm places. We had a conference table, but wound up sitting in chairs in a big circle while we hashed out what happened. The HPR staff was friendly and welcoming.

The discussions would have taken weeks of email, but we hashed everything out in about an hour.

I admitted that I’ve been acting as chairman, and asked if anyone else wanted the job. Nobody does. I’ll try it for a while, see what happens.

We’ve decided to try a couple different locations in the next few months and see what suits us best. Because of the holidays, we’re sticking with HPR in December.

We pillaged other user group agendas, and settled on a general meeting format.

  • Open with welcome and abuse of new members. (STeve Andre’ arrived immediately after this rule was adopted, so he was the first to be welcomed and abused.)
  • Jobs offered and needed
  • Tech questions (no answers, mind you. Just questions. People who have the answers can seek you out at the end of the meeting.)
  • Presentation. One presentation a night. Presentations are to be BSD-related, but the goal is to show things we don’t know about. Interoperability and integration are great topics.

    And we adjourned to Bangkok Cuisine for babble. Which makes this the first BSD event I’ve been at in twenty years where beer was not involved.

    We have presentations for our next four meeting.

  • December – Josh Grosse on bulk building stable packages on OpenBSD
  • January – Mary Tomich on GhostBSD
  • February – STeve Andre’ on OpenBSD at Michigan State University
  • March – Lucas on something with FreeBSD filesystems, dunno what yet

    SemiBUG presentations are NOT RECORDED at this time.

    Four months of presentations sounds good to start, but the first presentations will be the easiest.

    If we wind up staying at the HPR, during the summer we’ll probably do a “SemiBUG Friends and Family Visit the Horse Races” on a Friday or Saturday night, because nobody except Paul (who arranged the space) had ever seen one.

    Oh, and one night we need to have the “My Home Network Is Worse than Your Home Network” game show. Just how many VLANs does an apartment need, anyway?

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