Sysadmin Appreciation Day sale!

We all know that sysadmins don’t get enough credit.

Someone cared enough to create Sysadmin Appreciation Day, which is very nice, except that the only people who know about it are, well, sysadmins. And we are really crappy at appreciating anyone, including ourselves.

So, over at Tilted Windmill Press, I’m having a sale. The coupon code SAD15 gets you half off of all individual ebooks.

This means you could get all 7 Mastery titles in ebook for $35.

The coupon does not work on the discounted 3-book bundle, nor on the tip jar. Because the bundle is already discounted. And getting a coupon on my tip jar just seems like it would annoy me.

Similarly, this offer isn’t available on other platforms, such as Kindle or Apple. It’s only on the TWP web site because I fully control it.

Offer expires at midnight on Friday 31 July EDT.

I will not repeat this in 2016. Because random sales are only effective if they’re random.

One Reply to “Sysadmin Appreciation Day sale!”

  1. Real bummer i just mist this great Seal..
    filled my cart with $50 worth of books ..but as a student i’l have to pass this time ..

    Thanks for the great coupon code..perhaps i’l catch it next time..
    Also Love SSH Mastery got that one as a gift from a good friend long time ago..

    All the best..
    With regards Sam.

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