Free novella at Amazon

My SF novella Forever Falls is free on Kindle through 11 May 2015 (next Monday).

This book is only available on Kindle right now — I’m trying their Kindle Select program, which supposedly gives additional visibility and promotion. It doesn’t seem to have helped so far. Come 3 June, when the Select enrollment runs out, I’ll have this piece on iBooks and Kobo and all the other ebook platforms.

But until 11 May 2015 the book is free, from all of the usual Amazon outlets.

  • Amazon US
  • Amazon UK
  • Amazon DE
  • Amazon CA
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    1. I bought one of your books on Amazon UK which came in the Kindle format. Is it possible to download the other formats (PDF/MOBI/EPUB)?

    2. Hi,

      Most of my work is available everywhere, in any format. This piece is an exception. June 3, I put it up everywhere else. It will be in epub then, and I believe Smashwords will have PDF.

      This book is DRM-free, so I’d recommend using Calibre to convert it to epub.

      Thanks for giving it a try, though!

    3. I was actually referring to another title that I bought…Sudo Mastery. Sorry for the confusion! Can I obtain Sudo Mastery in the other formats?

    4. Oh I also have SSH and DNSSEC Mastery that I bought from Amazon UK. Can I also obtain these in the other formats?

      I’ll be sure to order directly from you from now on!

    5. SW,

      As you’ve bought them from Amazon, I’d tell you to use Calibre ( or another converter to convert them to epub. That’s why I don’t use DRM–I want you to have the flexibility to read them in your preferred format, on whatever device you choose.

      Of course, you’re free to buy the books again, from a site that offers you the format you want. I am perfectly okay with that too. 😉

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