“Run Your Own Mail Server” print/ebook bundle available

You can now preorder “Run Your Own Mail Server” at tiltedwindmillpress.com.

The last time I did a print sale (for OpenBSD Mastery: Filesystems), I offered options. From that sale, I learned that I am easily confused and should not offer options. This time I’m keeping things simple.

You can order a paperback or a hardback. It’s slightly more expensive than retail, because managing shipping is actual work that takes me away from writing.

When the books are ready to print, I will close this sale and order the sponsor, Kickstarter, and direct order copies in one gigantic heap. I will send out the ebooks a day or two after that.

Books will be shipped to me. I will open the boxes and sign them one after the other. I will print shipping labels, stuff books into envelopes, and request the post office schedule the Pickup Of Doom.

That’s it. Nothing fancy. No extra books, sorry.

This is the only way you can now get a signed book without finding me in meatspace. I am looking at ways to integrate drop-shipping print books into my web store, but none of them are quite satisfactory yet. Several printers are close–but not quite there. Either they have great Woocommerce integration but only ship from one location, or they dropship globally but have terrible integration. It’s very frustrating.

I should probably also mention that, while Kindle-friendly versions will be available from several retailers, Run Your Own Mail Server will not be on Amazon’s Kindle store, for the same reasons OpenBSD Mastery: Filesystems is not. This is a larger Mastery title and ebooks will retail for $15.

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