At long last: the MWL Title Index

I try to hold down the amount of information on this site. I truly do. I also try to keep the menus at the top no more than one layer deep. But finding individual titles on my web site has become increasingly difficult. People complain that they can’t find titles. Everything is filed logically, but logic is limited. Is “PAM Mastery” a sysadmin tool or an operating system reference? Should “$ git commit murder” be filed under crime novels or software crimes?

I maintain the official title list in my OID, accessible to the world via a trivial SNMP query. That MIB doesn’t have links, though. It never will. I’m not rewriting my OID if I need to reorganize my web site.

Here’s the brand-new comprehensive title index. Tech books, short stories and novels, the Canadian Version of ZFS Mastery, TTRPGs, it’s all there. Sort by title or release date or length or genre, you can find it all and a link to the book’s entry.

Most short stories that were released as standalones were pulled into collections, so those entries link to the collection. The point of the index is so that you can acquire a Thing, whatever the Thing is. Or learn that the Thing is utterly unavailable.

This also served as a double-check of my web site. To my shock, everything I know about has an entry. I’m not saying this is everything–I have no idea what I’ve forgotten. But what I know about, I have claimed.

Why do this now? I had to hire help to accomplish it. No way I was dredging through all this crap.

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  1. [15:01 mydev dan ~] % snmptable -v2c -c megadweeb mwlBooksTable
    mwlBooksTable: Unknown Object Identifier (Sub-id not found: (top) -> mwlBooksTable)

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