“Apocalypse Moi” ebook out!

The official release date for Apocalypse Moi is 26 September 2023. If you want to get it from one of the big bookstores, you’ll have to wait. (I’ve been accused of hiding the big point, so: this collection contains a previously unpublished Prohibition Orcs tale.)

It’s already available at my ebookstore, though. If you believe that I’m deploying a sophisticated, subtle strategy to steer people to buying direct from me rather than via Amazon, you would be incorrect. It is neither sophisticated nor subtle.

Also, The Full Michael and the All The Novels and Collections bundles have been updated. The price of All the Novels and Collections has not changed: you now get four books free. The Full Michael has actually decreased in price, because buying Apocalypse Moi is less expensive than buying the chapbooks.

Some poor bastard who shall remain nameless bought The Full Michael five days ago, right before this came out. I sent him a copy of Apocalypse Moi because I’m not a monster. Okay, I’m not that kind of monster.

I’ve unpublished the assimilated chapbooks everywhere, reducing my maintenance load. Huzzah! The anthologies the other stories come from will remain in print, but maintaining them is not my dang problem so that’s fine.

And for the record, the branding on The Full Michael will remain until it ceases to amuse me.