“Networking for Systems Administrators” on Kindle

After more time than I expected, Networking for Systems Administrators is available on Kindle. I’ve uploaded it to Nook and Kobo as well, but they haven’t made it available yet.

The Amazon links on the book page are affiliate links. If you buy through them, I make a little extra.

I’m working on the print layout today. Print will be available ASAP.

Once I have an approved print proof, I’ll make the book available on tiltedwindmillpress.com. It’ll be another week or so, probably.

Thanks to everyone who helped to make this a better book.

And I’d especially appreciate any reviews people might have to offer. I didn’t make the ebook available before release to see if it affected my visibility on Amazon. (Rumor claims that initial sales velocity impacts a book’s visibility.) According to those same rumor mills, the number of purchaser reviews in the first week disproportionately impact ongoing visibility.

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