BSDCan 2023 Tutorial: OpenBSD Storage Management

I’ll be teaching a four-hour tutorial on OpenBSD storage management at BSDCan 2023. As you might imagine, it’s based on OpenBSD Mastery: Filesystems.

I am pleased to see BSDCan returning to meatspace. Yes, the pandemic is ongoing, and I don’t blame folks who decide not to attend. The main reason I chose to attend is that the concom (which I’m a member of) has chosen to enforce a stringent mask policy. Yes, I know you have the right to not wear a mask in public. BSDCan is a private event for a community, however, and communities have a responsibility to protect their weakest members. (People who think that your rights outweigh your responsibilities, I will delete your comments.)

I hope to see many of you at the con, if not my tutorial. It will be good to see many old friends. Well, at least their eyes. Faces in one of the many fine outdoor dining establishments Byward Market offers.

3 Replies to “BSDCan 2023 Tutorial: OpenBSD Storage Management”

  1. I was surprised to see the mask requirement still present, but private events can do what they want. Looking forward to going back in 2024, hopefully!

  2. “BSDCan is about community, and a community protects its weakest members.”

    We’ll be keeping masks until the WHO says the pandemic is over.

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