Updates to Print Bookstore and FAQ

I’ve sold print books via Aerio for a few years, but they are shutting down at the end of February. I just overhauled every single book entry on my site to point print sales at my new bookshop.org bookstore. Sales through this store pay me a larger cut than sales through other print bookstores, even though I don’t ever touch the books. You’ll pay shipping charges, however, so anything bought there is a pure Lucas Charity Purchase. Some folks buy under those terms, though, and I appreciate them, so it was worth switching.

Auditing my web site for references to Aerio led me to review my FAQ. I’ve made some updates for the pandemic age, updated and clarified a few Q&As, and puttered with the text.

3 Replies to “Updates to Print Bookstore and FAQ”

  1. Hello!

    Thank you for saying something about Aerio! It’s disappointing that they’re shutting down in February.

    I was wondering if you planned on posting about your experience using Bookshop.org’s site for your print books? Your post on Aerio and why to have a print book outlet was really helpful to me as a new-ish publishing author, and I would love to know your experience of the Bookshop.

  2. So far, bookshop.org is easier to use than Aerio, especially when you have many titles. Little touches like being able to upload a list of ISBNs made it much less painful. But I haven’t sold anything there yet, or been paid, so I can’t yet say what it’s like as a whole.

    When I have a complete cycle of biz there, I’ll post.

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