“Networking for System Administrators” – Tech reviewers wanted

I’ve completed the manuscript for Networking for System Administrators. I’m now looking for a couple types of technical reviewers: people who know TCP/IP and networking, and people who are likely to read this book.

Normally I’d ask for feedback in a few weeks. But the holiday season is at our throats, and we all need to spend some time fending off the incoming pile of coal, so: I’d need your comments by 5 January 2015. If you can return it to me earlier, that’s fantastic.

If you’re interested in being a tech reviewer, please contact me via email at mwlucas at michael double-you lucas dot com, just like the domain name of my blog. (No, that’s not a literal double-you, it’s the letter w. Choke on that one, spam-bots!) Give me a sentence or two telling me what sort of reader you are and why you want to review this book.

You can read more about the tech review process at my tech reviewer information page. This is a little different because it’s a complete manuscript. Why review the whole manuscript at once? Because the Mastery books are short. At least, they’re supposed to be short (cough).

I have more detail about the book at the original announcement linked above, but here’s how the actual table of contents finished up:

0: The Problem
1: Network Layers
2: Ethernet
3: IPv4
4: IPv6
6: Viewing Network Connections
7: Network Testing Basics
8: the Domain Name System
9: Packet Sniffing
10: Creating Traffic
11: Server Packet Filtering
12: Tracing Problems

I expect the copyeditor to need a couple weeks with the manuscript. It should be available in print and ebook in late January.

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