“OpenBSD Mastery: Filesystems” ebook leaking out

I had wanted the ebook before Christmas, but before New Years’ Day isn’t terrible.

The ebook of OpenBSD Mastery: Filesystems went to sponsors, Patronizers, and pre-order folks yesterday. It’s in my online bookstore today, and will appear elsewhere through the weekend as I upload to all the stores and all the databases churn.

Well, almost all the stores. The DRM-free ebooks sold in any store can be loaded onto a Kindle, but the book won’t be in Amazon’s Kindle store. I’ll do a blog post dedicated to this later, because I want it to come up easily on a search and I suspect this will quickly become a FAQ, but in short: when SSH Mastery came out in 2012, it was $9.99. That’s $12.81 today. OMF is about the same length as that book and took longer to write, so I’m comfy charging $11.99 for it. Amazon does not want me to price books between $10 and $20, so any book in that price range won’t be available there.

Print will take a little longer, because of the pre-orders.

Normally, between sponsors and backers, I have to order and ship about 30 print books. No big deal.

This time I tried pre-orders. I ignored the pre-orders as they happened, but now that it’s time to fulfill I took a look and–wow. 69 preorders? Yes, nice, but it’s tripled how many books I must order and ship. I’ll be rushing print proofs to my door but still, shuffling physical books around the country takes time. Once they arrive at my door I’ll drop everything to ship.

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