NYCBSDCon 2014 Video, and 2014 appearances

The video of my NYCBSDCon talk is now on available on YouTube.

This talk is a little rougher than most I give. I felt worn-out before I even spoke on Saturday night. I woke up Sunday morning with tonsils the size of tennis balls (which made airport security interesting, let me tell you. “No, those aren’t bombs, let me fly home dang it!”).

So, on the day of NYCBSDCon I was obviously sliding down the ramp into illness.

I don’t script my talks beforehand. Yes, I have bullet points on my slides, but they’re an outline. This leaves me free to shape what I say to fit the audience’s interests and reactions. This also means that if I’m on the verge of falling ill, phrases like “This sucks diseased moose wang” slip into the presentation. It’s not that I object to the term, but it’s stolen from a Harry Dresden novel. I prefer to hand-craft my insults, precisely tailoring each to fit the object of my derision. If you take the trouble to come see me, the least you can expect is originality.

And speaking of speaking:

Early in May, I’ll be at Penguicon. There I’ll be speaking and on panels covering BSD, sudo, SSH, DNSSEC, and writing.

Later in May I’m teaching a four-hour sudo tutorial at BSDCan 2014.

If you want to see me in 2014, these are your only opportunities short of coming to Detroit and joining my dojo. (That’s an option, of course, but there’s better reasons for practicing martial arts than seeing me. Plus, at the dojo you’ll have to try to throw me. That gets tiring quickly.) I’ll have paper books available at both cons.

I have no other public appearances planned for 2014. I intend to spend the rest of the year concentrating on home, writing, and martial arts.

Come on. Hang out. I promise to not use the phrase “diseased moose wang” during any scheduled talk.

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