Amazon gets it wrong

Amazon sends us Kindle owners an email every few days saying “You bought this and that, so we think you’ll like these items.” They’re right an annoying large portion of the time, but when they get it wrong they really blow it.

Like I'd buy any of these
Amazon Recommendation Failure

Okay, yes, the book of PF is pretty good. But I have a copy. And I actually paid cold hard cash for the FreeBSD Design & Implementation book, and waited in line to get it signed. Either of these would be excellent gifts for the BSD aficionado in your life, except that they probably already have them.

But the others? The author has never said a nice word about me. In fact, every time I get near him he calls me a lazy good-for-nothing who ought to be working harder, better, and smarter, eating less, and in general doing more for humanity. Flavored with a whole lot of really bad language. One of these days, I’m going to punch that bastard in the face.

The good news is, Amazon doesn’t know everything about us. Yet.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to buy everything I need for the next month via my Amazon Prime subscription.

Happy holidays, everyone!

5 Replies to “Amazon gets it wrong”

  1. Sure but that blowhard has done loads to help ME work harder, better, and smarter. In addition to being lazy I’m not as gifted so his books are a really nice resource to have.

    It might not be aiding humanity in your eyes but his work allows me to learn stuff at a much hardier rate and automate tasks I couldn’t otherwise. This in turn frees up real time for more important stuff like goofing around with my kids. That qualifies as a service to humanity in my little corner of the world.

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  3. Amazon has a section in your account to list books you already own to improve the recommendation engine and avoid being recommended stuff you already own.

    I think it probably has a tool to say you hate Michael W. Lucas and don’t want to see his books any more too.

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