“Absolute OpenBSD” physically exists

I hold in my hands the first copy of Absolute OpenBSD off the press.

IMG00371The fine folks at No Starch Press did a beautiful job designing and creating the print book. I know ebooks are the coming thing, but a well-designed physical book is a delight.

This specific copy is for Bill Allaire. I’ll have my own copy. But I’m sure Bill won’t mind if I spend a few minutes fondling his book.

The loop is closed, the project is over. Now to lie back and let the fame and wealth just roll into — Sorry, I can’t even type that with a straight face.

And if you ask me when the third edition is coming out, I’ll be sure to thank you. With an axe.

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  1. I got my copy straight from No Starch this passed week. It came with a really cool original Absolute OpenBSD sticker!

  2. “a well-designed physical book is a delight”

    Hear, hear!

    My copy arrived in NZ yesterday (4th May) from No Starch; looking forward to reading it and learning things I’ve overlooked!


  3. I recently purchased a kindle version of your book from Amazon.com and many of the paragraphs/sentences are cropped and are not completely digitally printed. Do you have an suggestions as to how I can receive a properly formatted copy of the book? Thank you for your time.

  4. NSP knows about this problem. They’re fixing it. When I know that the corrected version is available, I will certainly publicize it. Unfortunately, I have no access to fix it myself.

  5. Thank you Mr Lucas for your time and assistance in resolving this matter. BTW, the content of your books, especially the 2nd edition of Absolute OpenBSD and SSH Mastery.., is super awesome. Please be encouraged to continue to provide us network engineering types the sort of “casual reading material” that we all relish and enjoy. Please take care.

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