1st draft of Absolute OpenBSD, 2nd Ed. complete

Last night, I finished the first draft of the new edition of Absolute OpenBSD.

This is the longest book I’ve ever written (23 chapters). It’s taken longer than any other nonfiction book (3 years). Now that a first draft exists, I can state with some confidence that the book will be out about next spring-ish.

As a first draft exists, if I get trampled by a rabid caribou between now and then, the book will still come out.

This weekend is the first time in years that I will have had no work to do on the book. (Unless Henning sends me corrections on the few chapters he has left.) I plan to gaze blankly into space for several hours.

5 Replies to “1st draft of Absolute OpenBSD, 2nd Ed. complete”

  1. One of the reasons I started using OpenBSD was because you had a book coming out for it. Taken together with the project’s already good documentation, I figured OpenBSD would be the best explained OS out there.

    That said, I am curious; did you base the book on any particular release(s) or did you try to keep it as up to date as possible? I suppose OpenBSD being fairly conservative has made this easier.

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