Charity Auction: DNSSEC Mastery proof for Black Girls Code

I have another unique physical artifact, which means it’s time for another charity auction.

I’ve run auctions for the Soroptimists, the Ottawa Mission, and multiple ones for the FreeBSD and OpenBSD foundations. I’m a writer so I can’t give as much to charities as I would like, but I seem to have developed a knack for persuading other people to give to charity and that’s the same thing, right?

I’m auctioning off the print proof of DNSSEC Mastery, 2nd edition.

A proof is a prepublication version of a book, printed so the publisher can double check that the spine text is actually on the spine and the cover art is right side up and the correct words are on the proper pages and that the typesetter didn’t forget the commas. It’s stamped with a Not For Resale banner so unscrupulous folks can’t sell it ahead of time. Only one print proof of DNSSEC Mastery exists.

I’ll sign this book, add a personalized note declaring that this tome was won at charity auction and thus demonstrates the winner’s sound moral and ethical character, and ship it by the best means available for $15 or less.

This time, you’ll be supporting Black Girl Code. They do good work and have chapters all over the US, including here in Detroit, as well as South Africa.

The auction rules are:

Comment on this post to bid. All bids in US dollars. I advise bidders to click the “notify me of new comments by email” button, so they can see when they’re outbid.

The auction runs from now until 5PM EST 28 February. If the bidding goes nuts in the last few minutes, I’ll leave it open until it settles down. There’s no sniping this auction at the last moment, as I want the bids to escalate.

Once the auction closes, send your donation to BGC within two days.

Send me your receipt. Once I have the receipt, I mail you the book.

If you don’t donate within a few days, or don’t send me your receipt, the number two winner has their chance.

As always, I must remind you that you don’t need to win a silly book to donate. You can be of sound character without a reward from me.

Another auction will follow this one: the Domesticate your Badgers proof, for my alma madder the Clarion Foundation.

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  1. I’m calling it. Bob, you’ve won. Send me your receipt, I’ll get your book in the mail.

    Raising $667 is cool and all, but with Kate’s match this is $1334. Almost–ALMOST–a 1337 donation.

    Y’all are the best.

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