Splitting blog?

I usually post two different sorts of items here: tech articles, and publishing articles. Would you lot prefer I did two separate blogs? I would probably still feed both to third parties such as Twitter and Facebook, but it appears that most of my readers use RSS.

If nobody cares, I’ll leave things as they are.

8 Replies to “Splitting blog?”

  1. Hi Michael,

    I agree with joseph, I would prefere it the way it’s. It’s nice to have some mixup on the content that you write, I see no point in splitting the blog.


  2. Fine as is, you don’t post enough to justify splitting it up IMO. If you were posting 10+ times a day that may be different.

  3. I wouldn’t bother splitting the blog. I enjoy reading about both topics. And really, it’s not hard to tell which topic you are talking about. If someone isn’t interested in one topic, they can skip that entry.

  4. I would prefer the one-blog-to-rule-them-all approach. Everything in one place.

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