Absolute OpenBSD reviewers

Lots of people have offered to tech review the second edition of Absolute OpenBSD before it goes to print. Peter Hansteen is doing the final tech edit, but I still need a reality check before it goes to him.

Henning Brauer has offered to do this for me. He’s reviewed a few chapters already, and he’s caught a vast array of my inadequacies. I’ve decided to rely on Henning for fact-checking, rather than my usual volunteer community review process.

This will probably disappoint those of you who really wanted to volunteer. I appreciate you more than words can say. But the community review process is the single biggest time consumer of my time in book production outside of actual testing. Henning certainly knows OpenBSD, is more than capable of catching my errors, and is highly motivated to have the book be accurate. (Or, if you prefer, he’d rather not have some doofus author misrepresent his hard work. I’m good either way.)

I’m highly confident in their ability to point out every single mistake I make. If I make an error and both Henning and Peter miss it, well, then, apparently it was meant to be that way.

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