Forthcoming Mastery Book Price Changes

Just like the rest of the industrial world, the print book supply chain is struggling. All over the world, my printers are raising their prices. My indie publishing unit, Tilted Windmill Press, must roll with the changes. If you want print books, I recommend purchasing them soon.

I don’t know what the final prices will be. I have many titles, and churning through them all is a right pain. Some will require cover updates, because I foolishly put the prices on the back cover just like big publishers do. (I have built Tilted Windmill Press by producing products that can compete with the big publishers, which meant looking like Big Publishing books. Unfortunately, Big Publishing lets books age like milk, when my books age like wine.) (Also, why did nobody warn me that this insane business might succeed? I had dozens of exit strategies for my inevitable failure, but never asked “What will you do if your self-pub biz–hang on, hear me out–works? What if this book is still in print in, oh, I don’t know, TEN YEARS?”)

Prices are going up everywhere, for everything. The pandemic has everything higgledy-piggledy, and there’s no way to know where it will settle down. I’ll post shortly on what that means for my ebook side.

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