SSH Mastery print now on Amazon

You can now buy the print SSH Mastery from Amazon. The print version isn’t yet linked to the ebook version, but that will happen within 1-3 days.

To my surprise, Amazon has not discounted the book. I don’t know why. I spoke with their author support desk, and was told that some books get discounted and some do not, according to some internal algorithm that only Amazon knows. All of my other books get discounted before publication. I assume that SSH Mastery will be discounted as well, but I have no idea when. (Yes, Amazon has an author support desk. From clicking “Call me” to resolution and hanging up the phone, total time 2 minutes 29 seconds. I am impressed.)

For those who are interested in the numbers behind the print version:

  • If you buy from OpenBSD, I make zero. The proceeds go to support OpenBSD/OpenSSH development. I am perfectly content with this.
  • If you buy from Amazon, I make about the same as I would if you bought the ebook.
  • If you buy from my CreateSpace store, I make about twice as much money as an Amazon purchase. But there’s no Amazon Prime, no free shipping when combined with other purchase, and no discount, ever.

    Some thoughts on the CreateSpace store, while I’m at it:

    CreateSpace gives me the store automatically, for free, so I link to it; otherwise, I wouldn’t bother setting it up. Purchases from here are “giving the author extra money because you want to.” And to my surprise, someone actually bought one there, so: thank you, anonymous buyer. (Note that Amazon/CreateSpace also makes more money when you buy from the CS estore.)

    In the event that people actually start buying from the CreateSpace estore, I’d probably set up a PayPal tip jar, so that those folks who want to give me extra money can do so and still get free shipping and/or discounts. It’s a step that I’ve avoided, but if people actually want overpay me for work I honestly own, who am I to argue?

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