SSH Mastery Print Here

Today, I received a good proof of SSH Mastery. All of the errors I know of are fixed.

I’ve ordered 200 books for the OpenBSD Project. Those books should be manufactured this weekend and delivered next week. (For the record, the OpenBSD guys have been a pleasure to deal with.)

Amazon should have the books available in ten days or so, Barnes & Noble and other Ingram-connected bookstores a while afterwards.

If you absolutely must have the print book now, you can order it through my CreateSpace store. Of all the ways the book is available, I make the greatest profit on books sold through the CS store. (It also charges list price, so I’m not going to push it on people. Only order from there if you want to give me extra money.)

If you want to pay full price, you can order it from OpenBSD. I give them the books at cost, and the rest benefits OpenBSD and OpenSSH.