“git sync murder” sponsor & Patronizer gifts now shipping

I woke up this morning planning to plunge into the text of the new edition DNSSEC Mastery. Before I made it to my writing desk, however, UPS dropped a heap of paper on my doorstep. The “$ git sync murder” sponsor and Patronizer gifts.

So I spent today transforming a bunch of this:

into a heap of this:

Sponsors and Patronizers are also receiving an extra gift this time around. (Remember, these are gifts. I make no promise what my backers will receive, only that they will receive something.) This gift involves four thousand degree flames, rods of raw glass stock, and several small explosions. It also involves cow, although fake cow, because both cows and BBQ fans object to four thousand degree flames.

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting on the official release of $ git sync murder and answer the question “how many books have you written?” Hint: it’s a meaningless question, you’ll have to be more specific…