New fiction collection: “Vicious Redemption”

My first collection of short fiction, Vicious Redemption: Five Horror Stories, has started to appear in online bookstores. So far it’s available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

Today it’s ebook only. I have a few marketing things to finalize before it goes to print.

Within a couple weeks, it should appear in other online bookstores. Ebook distribution is faster than physical distribution, but still slower than you’d think. I expect it to be in Kobo & Apple by the end of the month.

Would you enjoy these stories? The first story from the collection, Wednesday’s Seagulls, is posted on my personal web site. Go read it and find out.

I’m giving out review copies to my regular readers. If you normally read this sort of thing, and if you’re willing to read it and post a review on Amazon (as well as anywhere else you’d like), drop me an email.

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