12 Replies to “SSH Mastery Cover Rough”

  1. Some minor niggles:

    * OpenSSH should be one word.
    * I’d make ‘by’ in a slightly smaller typeface.
    * I’d put the other book titles in a slightly different typeface or otherwise differentiate them.
    * I’d let the SSH Mastery title stand by itself, without separating it with a colon.

  2. also, I don’t believe “critically-acclaimed” is hyphenated, since “critically” ends in ly.

    “Tilted Windmill”? Isn’t that a knight?

    And maybe “Secure Tunnels”?

    I keep thinking how your PGP book was mistitled, but I guess the audience is different too.

  3. i agree it’s horrible,
    don’t use a photo, you can do a “Cover Design Contests and Competitions”

  4. Hi there. I’m putting in my 2 cents for what it’s worth. I really like the artwork, a whole bunch in fact, just not the font. I like the size of the font just not the font itself. It looks self-published to me. Not that self-publishing is bad, not at all. It just LOOKS self-published. Hope that helps.

  5. I’m afraid I have to agree with the previous posters, it is horrible and not in the same class as the No Starch covers.
    On a more constructive note maybe best to loose the photo and follow Royce’s typography suggestions. The Pufferfish is generally associated with you know what and not SSH; for me this sends a confusing message.

  6. Well, fizzing pufferfish *is* associated just right. But I don’t like the font, colors and the photo either. “Pseudoitalics” are almost never a good idea. But I do like the Don Quixote logo.

  7. > Well, fizzing pufferfish *is* associated just right.

    My mistake, so it is. I wasn’t aware that the pufferfish is also used by OpenSSH and I immediately though of OpenBSD when I saw it.

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