Updates, October 2011

I know people are waiting for the next books. So, how are they going?

The last month or so has basically been a loss for writing. We bought a new house. I’ve painted most of the rooms, removed rancid carpet, stripped, sanded, stained, and sealed the underlying battered-but-intact hardwood floors, and generally made the house inhabitable.

I now have a standing desk, made out of stuff found in abandoned Detroit buildings. Here’s the best photo I could take with my free-with-service BlackBerry.

Standing Desk

The base is wire shelving, with wheels. The top is from a desk. We drilled small holes in the bottom of the desktop so that it fit into the top of the shelf poles. The keyboard trays are left over from another project. If you’ve never had a desk on wheels, I highly recommend it. The standing desk has taken a few days to get used to, but is now pretty comfortable.

The good news is, I can now resume writing.

Before anyone asks: the wallpaper in the new office has to go. All wallpaper is a taint upon life, but this wallpaper is particularly egregious. I think I’ll let myself strip the walls as a reward for completing the OpenSSH and OpenBSD books. If I can ignore them that long.

I also feel obliged to mention that if you look on the far right of the photo, atop the stereo speaker, you’ll see my ex-roommate’s skull.

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  1. From personal experience, using one of those industrial floor pads for people working assembly lines will reduce back and leg stress. I don’t know a good online source for them though.

  2. I got my floor pad at Home Depot. Or Office Depot. Some sort of Depot, at least. I can’t say it helped, though, because I assumed I’d need it before I switched and so had it from Day 1.

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