Another information channel: Twitter

I’ve surrendered to last years’ (or was it the previous year’s) information fad:  Twitter.

You’ll find me at:!/mwlauthor.  I believe that tweakers call that @mwlauthor?  Anyway, you can expect random crap there as I figure out what I’m doing with it.

I should say right now:  I don’t follow everyone who follows me.  I can’t do it with blogs, I can’t do it on Facebook, there’s no way I could do it on Yet Another Social Media Platform ™.  And the idea of constant interruptions and near-real-time interaction is, frankly, overwhelming.  Authors don’t scale with their readers, sorry… I still run under the Big Giant Lock.

I will click through and look at people as I have time, though.  It’s nice to be able to see who reads my stuff, and what sorts of things those people are interested in.

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