My Penguicon 2018 Schedule

Putting everything together, this is what talks I’ll be in this year at Penguicon. All the slots are an hour long unless specified.


  • 5 PM: LN2 Ice Cream
  • 8 PM: The Internet Before the Web (panel)


  • 9 AM: BSD Operating Systems in 2018 (talk)
  • 10 AM: LN2 Purple Haze Ice Cream (2 hours)
  • Noon: Large Scale SSH: Keys and Certificates (talk)
  • 1 PM: Senior Sysadmin Panel
  • 3 PM: Writing Groups (panel)
  • 4 PM: Reading (in the Writer’s Block)
  • 6 PM: Writing Productivity (panel)
  • 7 PM: Critiquing without Alienating the Writer (panel)
  • 8 PM: Making a Living as a Midlist Writer


  • 11AM: LN2 Brunch Ice Cream
  • 2 PM: Social Media Marketing

    It appears that I’m a sysadmin for half the con, and then a writer for the other half. That’s just the way I like things.

    Also, I must commend this year’s Penguicon schedulers. For the first time ever, my talks do not overlap the LN2 ice cream sessions. This could not have been easy to achieve, and I sincerely appreciate their efforts to accommodate my personality defects quirks.

    See y’all four weekends from now!

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