nested pf.conf macros

Many of my FreeBSD servers are not behind a firewall.  They sit naked on the Internet, and I protect their services with PF.  I have several “trusted” networks, and want to use them in macros.  Keeping track of serveral networks in a macro is error-prone, however.  Previously, I used macros like this one:

mgmt_networks ="{,,, "}"

This meant entering each IP address twice.  Complicated numbers hurt my feeble brain, and the result is errors.  Entering each address multiple times is begging for an error.  I found that you can nest macros, however, with careful placement of single and double quotes.

mgmt_networks ="{" $lucas_house $main_office $monitor $boss_house "}"

Note that each address is in single quotes (‘), enclosed by double quotes (“).  In the mgmt_networks macro, put double quotes around the enclosing brackets. This is in the man page example, but you have to look very closely at it.

I can then allow SSH, SNMP, SIP, etc, from my management networks to the server, and my addresses will be consistent.

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  1. I usually do it this way:



    No tricky quotes.

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