“SSH Mastery, 2nd Ed” News, Sponsorships, and Cover

SSH Mastery has been my best-selling title since I published it in 2012.

SSH Mastery has been on a five year mission to find and eradicate passwords. SSH has changed in the last five years. SSHv1 is no more, except where it is. A whole bunch of crypto algorithms are no longer in use, except when they are. We get jump hosts and centralized key management, except when we don’t.

It’s time for it to return to dock and get a refit. The new one will be cleaner! Brighter! Cover certificates! Capable of reaching Warp 5–no, wait, wrong story, never mind. But the cover will be pretty sweet. Here’s a rough draft.

I present to you: the Bloata Lisa!

SSH Mastery, 2nd Edition should be out before BSDCan 2018. If I do everything right, I’ll have two new tech books for folks in Ottawa.

This time, I’m soliciting print sponsors and ebook sponsors. As this is my best-selling Mastery book, I’ve raised the sponsorship prices a touch. Sponsors can expect readers to gloss over their names for years to come!

I must also concede that I’m hoping the sponsorships will help offset buying a block of ISBNs. I need ISBNs to produce the hardcover dust-covered sewn-spine print edition.

Oh, wait–did I not mention that? Sorry. Yes, hardcover. Stitched pages, not glued. A cloth cover and gold-stamped title beneath a glossy dust jacket.

Hardcovers are a little tricky, so I’m not promising I can accomplish that. Other authors manage it, though, so I’m not carving a new tunnel out of a mountain here.

A book needs 3-5 ISBNs, depending on the printing facilities I choose. As a US citizen I can buy 1 ISBN for $125, 10 for $295, 100 for $575, or 1000 for $1500. 100 ISBNs will last me for 20 books, but I know dang well that if I buy 100 I will regret it. The price of these arbitrary reference numbers will only increase, though, and I can easily see running out in a few years. So: I’m getting 1,000. For $1500. Ouch.

But hardcovers.

ISBNs will also let me take advantage of print-on-demand facilities in Europe, Australia, and post-Brexit UK. I’ll be able to fulfill wholesales orders for my books. It’s a reasonable business investment.

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  1. “ISBNs are free to Canadian publishers and are issued within 10 business days.”

    You know, it’s really close, not even a plane ride away. And then you wouldn’t have to be embarrassed every time you leave your country, too.

    Who knew healthcare wasn’t the only thing our gov’t does for “free”…

  2. Now… you know another print sponsorship is about to be thrown your way. I just need a week or two to scratch it together in the budget. I also need to get onto that Patreon thing for myself, as much as for some folks I’d like to help support (including you.)

  3. Is there a resale market for ISBNs? Sell excess ISBNs for $1 and rake in the big bucks. 🙂

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