More NFA reviews…

I don’t want to do a separate blog post for every review of Network Flow Analysis that comes out.  But it seems that I haven’t posted any for two months now.  If I’m going to batch these, I need to figure out a happy medium, say, every month or so.  Of course, now that the book has been out for a few months, the number of reviews is going to decline rapidly.

But to catch up: there’s been reviews at javaranch, from Henrik Kramshøj, from the Linux Users of Australia,  a few comments in Japanese, from Utah, and the Security and Risk blog.  There’s also a review in the illustrious Dr. Dobbs.  Back in the day, Dr. Dobbs’ was The Source for geek stuff.  A positive review there makes me feel like I have Arrived, that I am Someone of Substance.  Woo for me!

I’d like to thank all the folks who took the time to review NFA.