I have a Patreon now

I’ve done it. I’ve sold out. I’ve joined the trendy hip crowd.

By popular demand, I now have a Patreon.

Why announce this now? Well, I’ve finished the intensive work on the third edition of Absolute FreeBSD. I won’t have the rights to distribute electronic versions of AF3e to patrons. (Why? Remember, authors don’t sell books; they license copyright. I’ve licensed those rights to No Starch Press.) I will have the rights to distribute all of the Tilted Windmill Press ebooks, though. I feel it’s wrong to ask people to patronize me for working on stuff I couldn’t share with them.

Stupid ethics.

Financially, your best choice is to look at the books I write as they come out and purchase the ones you want. And I am perfectly good with that choice. I’m perfectly good with people who never read my stuff at all. My Patreon is for people who want to offer ongoing support, and get a couple tidbits in the bargain.

If you want to throw me a couple bucks but don’t Patreon? I have a tip jar. Or buy another book.

Short on cash? Reviews at the ebookstore where you bought a book are always nice.

Utterly indifferent to my existence? Then why did you read this blog post all the way to the end?

4 Replies to “I have a Patreon now”

  1. Patreon? Whoa! What’s next — your upcoming appearance in a Pomplamoose video?! 🙂

  2. I had heard of Patreon, but took this opportunity to look it up in wikipedia.

    So, it’s basically a website that lets you make regular payments to somebody.

    Can’t you do that with paypal directly?

    My bank allows automated regular payments at fixed intervals (but for small amounts, it makes sense only in SEPA-land).

  3. It also lets me automate rewards, like “send me over $10/month and get all the TWP ebooks for free.”

    But yeah, mostly. Enough people asked that I decided to try it.

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