New novel: “git commit murder”

If you follow me on social media you’ll have known this already, but now that the print is out here’s the formal announcement.

My new novel, git commit murder, is out. It’s pretty much “if Agatha Christie ran Unix cons.”

The BSD North conference draws some of the smartest people in the world. These few days will validate Dale Whitehead’s work—or expose him as a fraud.

When a tragic death devastates the conference, only Dale suspects murder.

Computer geeks care about code.

But do they care enough… to kill?

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Print has hit Amazon, but you might need to search by title if you want print. Amazon is quick to get the book listed, not so quick

2 Replies to “New novel: “git commit murder””

  1. Cranking out book after book like a madman. 🙂

    I wanted to comment on an older post but it has been long since locked.

    “I configured my samba4 domain and ensured that Windows clients could join the domain and that the general Microsoft-esque features worked, such as failover to a backup domain controller. Once it appeared that everything worked, I set up a couple of OpenLDAP proxies exactly by the Samba documentation. (My domain controllers are in private address space, and I’m not willing to expose them to the larger network.)”

    I’ve had a difficult time getting Samba to perform Windows duties like letting clients join the domain. The FreeBSD handbook wasn’t much help as even the basic LDAP examples provided don’t work without significant changes. Just curious if there was a specific resource you used to setup your Samba4 as you did. Any chance for a Samba 4 AD book?

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