4 Replies to ““PAM is Un-American” talk now online”

  1. How the fuck does pam_exec handle zombies if it can’t register a SIGCHLD handler? Recent FreeBSD versions might support process descriptor and offer pdfork(2) and can notify threads about the exit status with EVFILT_PROCDESC, but how can it even be implemented correctly on other platforms? Is the application supposed to fork and provide a SIGCHLD handler in the child process?

  2. I looked into pam_exec.c and want to cry. It uses vfork(2) (hopefully correctly as vfork is quite difficult to use correctly) followed by waitpid(2) in a retry loop (to handle EINTR). Of course an other thread could reap the child process first in which case pam_exec fails with PAM_SYSTEM_ERR. So reaping child processes quickly in a multithreaded application is a system error go figure.

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