Next Tech Book

Now that PAM Mastery is out, I’m starting work on my next project.

I’m taking a break from anything filesystem related. Yes, I want to do FreeBSD Mastery: Jails, but that involves a lot of filesystem stuff, so that goes on hold for a bit.

Instead, I’m starting a book on OpenBSD’s web stack. Between httpd, relayd, and CARP, plus assorted surrounding infrastructure like acme-client, OpenBSD’s got a pretty solid offering for its environment. It doesn’t do everything–but most of us don’t need everything.

And yes, while the reference platform will be OpenBSD, I’ll also mention the FreeBSD support.

This book should be easier to write than the PAM book. Which is good, because I’m still fighting anemia. I have no idea when this will be done.

I will offer sponsorships once I have enough of the book done that I’m confident I can actually finish it. And I have some novel ideas for this book, but that’ll also have to wait a bit.

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  1. I‘m your reader.I like your book very much,and I am chinese.Your effort which telling me how to use OpenBSD is the best gift I have got.Seems like we can’t meet in a long long time.

    After I read the information about relayd.I hope your new book will improve OpenBSD grow faster.

    I leave this message here. because i want you to know your effort is great.for all over the world.

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