I’ll be at Rust City Book Con

On 12-14 August, I’ll be in Troy, Michigan, at the first ever Rust City Book Con.

Actually, I’ll be there on the evening of the 11th, hanging out in the bar and practicing my socialization. (“Smile. You know, retract your lips to expose your teeth. No, no, not that far! Better. Hold out your hand–oof! Ugh… A little slower, and (gasp) with an open hand, not a fist. Remember, this isn’t your dojo. Now say ‘Hi! My name’s Lucas, who are you?’ Close, but it’s ‘who,’ not ‘what.’ And a little less teeth.”)

I have panels Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Unlike Penguicon, I only have 3-4 events, so I have a lot more free time to sit in the empty corner of the lobby and contemplate the emptiness of existence talk to readers.

There’s also a bunch of other writers there, most of whom are far cooler than me. You should show up and see them.