Penguicon 2024 Schedule

I’ll be at Penguicon this weekend. Come by, say hello, buy a book or heckle a talk. All talks are fifty minutes.

Friday, 26 April

  • 5 PM: hang out in bookstore
  • 7 PM: Reading (Orcs? Tech advice column? Nonfiction? Who knows?)

Saturday, 27 April

  • 10 AM: The Good, the Bad, and the Yikes: 20th-Century SF (panel)
  • 11 AM: How I Make a Living Writing
  • 1 PM: How to TLS when You Don’t Know TLS (my talk, given by Bagel Garrison)
  • 2 PM: BSDCan Concom Call (Not a Penguicon event, but it’s where I’ll be)
  • 3 PM: Run Your Own Email Server
  • 4 PM: Prying Money Out of an Indifferent Public: Self-Promotion for Creators (panel)
  • 6 PM: It’s Always DNS, and What to Do About It

Sunday, 28 April

  • hang out in bookstore

The “hang out in bookstore” blocks are actual work, sort of. I watch over other folks’ books, they watch over mine. If you want to buy a book send money via Paypal, show the watcher your receipt, and walk out with the book.

I’ll have a select, uh, selection of books, the sort of stuff that usually sells at Penguicon. If there’s a particular title you want, let me know in the next few days. I’ll bring a copy with your name on it. Otherwise, I might not be bringing that book at all.

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