“Apocalypse Moi” Kickstarter status

The Apocalypse Moi paperbacks for signing have arrived!

Hardcovers are being printed as I write this. According to the printer, that is. I have no independent verification.

If you chose the “All the Fiction” option, either in print or ebook, you have MORE ebooks. They’re waiting for you on BookFunnel. Go to my.bookfunnel.com and log in with the email address you provided in your survey. If you don’t have an account already, it will ask you to create one.

Why use Bookfunnel, rather than just send you ebook files? They can help you get files on your ereader, no matter what sort of weird device you have. They will keep the files for you, so when your computer catches fire you can recover them. Bookfunnel does not store any of your personal information; they make their money from me. (If you are one of those especially privacy-sensitive folks that doesn’t want accounts anywhere, I can send you a zip file of your ebooks on the condition that one–you don’t ask me to explain sideloading, and two–you back them up yourself.)

Thanks everyone. You will have books soon. I’m delighted so many folks supported this charming little apocalypse-laden book.